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Concrete and Gold-Silver Drop Earrings

Do you like staring at the Moon? Are you a “moon person” who just enjoys its presence? I am definitely one of them!⁠ I especially like full and new Moon. Theres is a magic around it plus new Moon brings in things and full Moons help to release things in your life. Did you know that?⁠

Moon. The inspiration to make those pretty drop earrings!⁠


These earrings discontinued, but if you would like to order a pair please do get in touch!


These sophisticated earrings come with dangle concrete balls covered with gold to upgrade your everyday look!


Handmade in my North London studio.

Please note that all pieces are hand made individually so each item is totally unique and no two items are exactly alike. This should be considered as part of their beauty! The product you receive may be slightly different from the one on the photo.



Concrete and Gold-Silver Drop Earrings

  • Materials used: concrete bead, silver 925, gold leaf 


    Bead: ~1cm

    Total length: ~4.5cm 

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