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Mismatched brass earrings

One of the newest additions to my mismatched studs. Those minimalistic earrings are made of brass. These simple, yet elegant, stud earrings are perfect for everyday use!


The brass used for my items is raw, untreated brass. Raw brass has a rich and textured finish to it. When new, the brass will be bright and shiny, though over time it may form minor abrasions and darken. These imperfections form part of the materials appealing aesthetic, though if a clean and lighter finish is preferred then it can be easily restored.

To clean the brass, you can simply use brass or metal polish, or various home remedies - including using toothpaste. To clean the brass using toothpaste, simply apply a small amount using a clean cloth, leave on the brass for a few minutes and then wipe it away again and you should instantly see a noticeable difference.


Handmade in my North London studio.

Please note that all pieces are hand made individually so each item is totally unique and no two items are exactly alike. This should be considered as part of their beauty! The product you receive may be slightly different from the one on the photo.

Mismatched brass earrings

  • Materials used: square brass wire, silver post and scrolls


    circle ~0.8cm

    line ~1.5cm


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