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Handcrafted jewellery  is like wearing a precious piece of art on your body.
No two pieces are alike,
allowing you to express your individuality
in the most beautiful way.


Statement, Simple or Sassy-Choose Your Favourite Style!

My collection of artisan handmade jewellery has something for every woman, and provides an inspiring solution for even the most challenging gift purchase.
I work with different materials to create handmade jewellery in wide-ranging styles. Using a fusion of nature, traditional folk design, architecture and artwork, every piece I create has its own unique voice.

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From a sunny yellow statement necklace to handmade dangle earrings and everything in between, my handcrafted jewellery allows you to express yourself in the most artistic and beautiful way.
You deserve to be different.

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My jewellery radiates a positive energy, and that’s because every single step is carried out by my own hands.


This means that when the jewellery is against your skin, it will have a completely different feel to mass-produced items.


You won’t find any sharp edges or raw finishes as every tiny element is personally inspected to make sure it’s flawless.

This meticulous approach begins right from the very start as I only work with materials which are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.


The design of each piece comes from my heart and is created with love, passion and warmth. Every element is sawed, soldered, carved, hammered and shaped without the use of heavy manufacturing machinery. This creates unique, one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewellery which is genuinely exclusive.

My collection of artisan handmade jewellery will awaken and inspire your creative spirit.

The unique designs include: Silver jeweller, Crochet wire jewellery, Minimalist design jewellery, Concrete jewellery, Colorful  jewellery
Whether you feel drawn to funky jewellery in bright shades or simple silver jewellery, you will find the perfect piece to fall in love with.


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